Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crib/Toddler sheet

Today's first project- Crib/Toddler sheet

Merrick's 1 and only sheet ripped a few weeks ago. It didn't seem like a big deal cause i can always wrap the mattress in a blanket, and then he started camping out on the floor. But i figured it was time to get him back up on the bed (especially since i'm trying to get the room cleaned & ready for the new addition). So today i made him a new sheet. He helped me pick out the fabric. I see lots more sheet making in my future. Just wish it didn't take quite so long to thread the elastic all the way around the sheet. Oh well, it gave me some time to play Cafe World on facebook. LOL!

I pretty much followed the tutorial HERE.

After washing & drying my fabric it ended up only being 44" wide, not 45". And I don't own a serger, so i had to press and fold under my edges. The sheet fits a little tighter than i expected, but is still not too tight. I'll adjust my seams on the elastic "pocket" when i make the next one.

Last night and this morning, i took a little break from creating to do a little cleaning & organizing of my sewing space. The cabinet my sewing machine sits on was made by my grandfather in the 70's. He tried to throw it away (while in a decluttering mood), but I rescued it and brought it home. My sewing machine is as old or older than the cabinet- it was my mom's in high school when she had to take Home Ec- seriously, i think they should bring back the Home Ec/Auto Shop requirement in high school.

I added 2 sets of clear drawers on the left side. From bottom to top- all the baby items i've made so far; fabric that has been preshrunk; hot glue guns, glue sticks, and the cord for my mini iron; velcro, elastic, and other fasteners; thread, bobbins, needles, and pins. Then the box on top holds most of my 3/4" ribbon collection. The stack of fabric on the very top of that stack is what i'm currently working with. There's an extension cord that hides between the cabinet and the clear drawers so i can plug in my mini iron and hot glue gun.

The bottom drawer on the cabinet holds unwashed fabric. The middle has all my misc odds & ends, as well as my sewing machine extra parts. Then the top drawer holds ribbon that i've pulled out for projects and patterns that have been cut.

That's Merrick's crib sheet sitting on the cabinet top. :)

I keep one of my quilting grids hanging on the wall so i can grab it for quick measurements. The hanging baskets (from Ikea- used to be in my old kitchen) hold my scissor collection, pen/markers/pencil, tape (for taping patterns together, the lint brush for my sewing machine, my mini iron, and my pin cushion wrist cuff.
And then i have a magazine stand (holding skinny books and my notebook) and my other sewing books hiding behind my machine on the right corner.

I want to add a shelf or two above the hanging baskets. Then a mini ironing board (and a full size iron) to the right of the cabinet. I also thought it would be cool to hang a few towel bars above where the ironing board will be so that my de-wrinkled fabric stays that way.

I use our kitchen table (which is just left of where i stood to take this shot) to cut/ any large pieces of fabric.

I guess that's it for the tour of my sewing area. Off to play with the kids for a bit.

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