Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Tights

Decided to squeeze in a little more sewing before bed. Mostly i was just waiting for the nightly heartburn to kick in so I could drink a glass of milk. And the timing was pretty good. LOL!

Third project of the day- Baby Tights

Found the TUTORIAL and pattern on the blog Made by Rae
I had some scrap jersey fabric. Don't think it's really what i should have used for these, but it worked for a test run. I think they turned out a little small- maybe more newborn than 3-6 month. But as i have no baby to try them on at the moment, i'll just have to wait and see. I also want to use a stretchy thread next time. The cotton thread i have doesn't have much stretch to it and i'd hate for the seams to rip. The stitching around the crotch got a little messy and bunched up (i was arguing with my machine). But these are way cute!

I also whipped up 2 more pairs of the baby leggings I posted about earlier. Even with having to stop half way thru sewing the cuff on the 3rd legging, i finished both sets in 10 minutes. :) This time for the bottom cuffs... I used a longer strip on material. And instead of just cutting up the side seam, I folded the pieces in half twice (once each direction) and cut off a piece at an angle. This way the cuff is smaller at the bottom than where it attaches to the leggings.

All together now...

Time for bed! It's been a very productive day!