Friday, March 11, 2011


Today at 3pm, Spring break begins. While I won't be dragging my kids out of bed at 6:30am, i'll still be getting up between 4 & 5am to drag my hubby out of bed and get him off to work. While i'm sure my MIL will kidnap the boys at some point next week for some grandma fun, we don't really have any Spring Break plans... other than cleaning & organizing. Trying to get a few steps ahead while i have extra hands in the house.

I started taking photos of the meals i prepare for myself, kind of a visual food diary. I have two main motivations to do this... if i have to post a pic for the world to see (cause i started posted on FB) then  #1- i'll probably eat a little better than i have been. #2- i'll put a little more luv into my food.

After two weeks of flu & strep running through my house, i'm really trying to make these last 15 weeks of my pregnancy as healthy & productive as possible.

So here we go...

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