Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Leggings

Today's first project- Baby Leggings

I made these with a pair of ladies knee high socks. I googled and read through a few tutorials, like THIS ONE. And also read that they tend to be a little long on infant legs, so I cut the sock a little ways above the heel to shorten the leggings. And used the rest of what was left going to the heel as my cuff piece. I don't think i'll do that again, as the short cuff piece was a little difficult to handle while attaching to the legging (at least on my machine). 

Curious Cupcake watching the bobbin wind

This shows how i cut the sock up. The foot piece ended up getting the heel & toe cut off so Merrick could wear his own arm cuffs and leave mommy alone to do the sewing (kind of)

I cut the cuff parts along one side and then used a zig zag stitch to sew them back together- so the cuff would be smaller around than the legging.

Here's one of the cuffs after being sewn back together.

Folded the cuff in half- next time i will make them taller than this.

Turned the legging inside out and inserted the cuff. I added a few pins since the cuff was so short.
No pins used on the second cuff.

Then i just ran them through my machine- stretching the cuff slightly, since it's smaller around than the legging.

And tada... finished leggings. I did have a bit of a problem with the legging material getting stuck in my pressure foot, so my seams weren't the prettiest. But i know they'll hold and no one will really be staring at these seams once they are on cute little baby legs. I'll remember all my little tips to make them better next time around.

And of course, Merrick wanted to model them for mommy- only he had to use them as arm warmers.

And this is Merrick trying to escape from Mommy so he doesn't have to take them off. I'll have to make him a pair in slightly more boyish colors (as daddy wouldn't be too happy about the hot pink leopard print).
Now they are sitting in the stash of things for Trinity. :)

And seriously... it took longer to type this post & upload the photos than it did to make them... even with all of Merrick's little distractions.

Off to clean and eat lunch before my afternoon meeting at the school.

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