Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A change of plans... and then some

I went to the Doctor this past Monady (April 11th) for a regular prenatal appointment and to do an ultrasound to check the face & double check the baby's sex. At my last ultrasound our little bean was not very cooperative, keeping it's butt down as low as possible. There weren't any obvious boy parts so my Doctor said "80% chance it's a girl... but if you buy anything pink, save the receipts. We'll double check in 8 weeks." So we double checked on Monday and my 80% chance it's a girl turned into 100% without a doubt this is boy #4 in my belly right now. Now lack of sleep from sunday to monday did not help with my emotional state when i saw the incredibly obvious "turtle" sign up on the ultrasound screen. I managed to hold myself together until Merrick and I made it back to the van and then the tears started falling. I've spent 5 months "thinking pink"... first as a way to think positive (cause i REALLY want a daughter) and then as what we were excepting as probable fact. I felt crushed...
But after sleeping on Monday night, I am renewed and in a much better emotional state. It's amazing what a little shut eye can do for your outlook on life. On friday i will pack away all my girly stuff to be used in the future or given away to friends. I have filed my girl name (Trinity Morganna) away for future use as well. I'm still hopefully that one day i may have a daughter. But as it is right now, we're having a boy... and i truely am happy about it. I love my boys- even when they are driving me absolutely INSANE! Like today, when Merrick took about 5 minutes to smuggle Gold Bond footpowder into his room and coat himself, his bed and half his room in white powder. *sigh*
John and I have decided on a name, but are still squabbling over an "i" or "y" issue. So i'm waiting to post the name until it's decided... it should be the Y that wins :) 
Friday morning i'm meeting with Heather & Kristin to get the baby shower planning done. No corny baby shower games or anything. I actually want to go kinda crafty and decorate all the onsies & pants i need with fabric paint & freezer paper stencils. Kills several birds with one stone... cute/cool/hip baby clothes, baby shower activity (so we don't just sit around and eat), and it hopefully frees up gifts to cover the non-clothing things i still need.
I've been working on my baby list- things i need to buy, want to make myself, and then the things i have. And i'll admit that my "to make" list looks a little um, let's say enthusiastic for someone on a limited budget with only 10 weeks (minus a day) until i'll be in the hospital holding our newest family member. (FYI: We're inducing on June 21st) But i'm gonna try my hardest, and a few things can wait (like crib sheets & a bumper pad) cause the baby won't need them right away. I haven't seen a bassinet or moses basket that i like- they all look too frilly and i am so not into cutesy pastel baby stuff right now. So i will be taking a laundry basket, making a matress pad (with fitted sheets) and a mini bumper pad, and turning it into a one-of-a-kind hip baby boy bassinet. LOL!
I'm still planning on using BumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers. Found out yesterday that they have a sale running through the end of May (on buy 5 get 1 free! WOOT! Especially since i want a stash of about 24 diapers so i can wash a load of diapers every other day.

Well enough baby stuff for now... I've got other things to get done today (and a 2 yr old who needs some good mommy time)!
So in the words of Tigger... TTFN!


  1. I'm sorry, I know how much you wanted a girl, and I've been thinking pink since October, regardless of our friend status, I truly am sorry. I'm sure that you will get your girl one day.

  2. Hugs! I was really thinking pink with my 2nd as well so I understand being dissapointed. In fact, they couldn't tell gender at the first u/s so we paid for a 3D/4D to find out and the little bugger would not give it up for almost an hour which led the tech to say she believed we'd have seen something if it was a boy - cried tears of joy and right as she was finally saying they would bring me back because they guaranteed determination there he was! LOL And like you, I couldn't think of it any other way! But I'll be thinking pink next time and hopefully we'll both be blessed with daughters some day.