Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burpcloths from cloth diapers

Today's first project- Burpcloths

This style of burp cloth uses a premade cloth diaper and some fabric (cloth, flannel or maybe even minky).
I used on of the "Child of Mine" by Carters that I bought in a pack at Walmart.

First I washed both the fabric and cloth diapers- so that each was preshrunk.
Then i measured the center section of the cloth diaper.
Add 1" to both dimensions and cut a piece of fabric to that size.

Not sure if you can see the lines i drew on the fabric in this picture.
I used the selvage edge of the fabric and drew a line along the edge closest to me to make sure my fabric would actually be straight on all sides.

Lay right side down. Fold over 1/2" towards the wrong side of the fabric and press your seams.
I clipped the corners to keep them from being so bulky. I also pinned each corner and the center of the long sides to help hold the fabric in place while i pressed the fold.

Once your seams are pressed, lay fabric right side up on top of center section of cloth diaper and pin in place.
I really need to pay attention and pin in the direction i'm going to be sewing in- so that my pinheads face away from the needle.

Straight stitch 1/4" from edge of fabric.
Make sure neither top fabric or cloth diaper shift whiel sewing and keep stitching as straight as possible.

Instead of backstitching, I tied my thread ends together and then used a needle to put the ends inside the 2 layers of the burp cloth to hide them.

And there you go, a pretty burp cloth!

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