Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventure in Onesie making

I am very anti-pastel and normal cutesy baby patterns right now... leaning more towards bold colors and graphic prints. Which leaves me either making my own baby clothes, or spending too much money on them. So which route do you think i'm taking... kinda a no brainer isn't it?

I've been searching for a tutorial to make a onsie and stumbled across a few that kinda fit what i was looking for...

And after reading both of them, i'm kinda just winging it. LOL!

So it wasn't too bad... looks like it turned out about a size bigger than what I was going for, but the good thing about babies is they grow! So it's not that big of a deal. I still need to add snaps to the bottom, but all i have are pearl snaps and that just didn't seem right.

I had just traced and cut out the 0-3month onesie from the striped 5T t-shirt

 Finished sewing... 0-3 month onsie laying on top.
See the leg openings are a little too low and the crotch too long

This is a 3-6 month onesie laying on top... Looks like the leg openings are in the right place and the crotch is almost the right length- but i can always fold it up a bit when i go to put the snaps on. 

Whoo hoo! One cute sleeveless baby Onesie, made by Momma! :)

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